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Black Cohosh Herb

Black Cohosh, also known as Black Snake Root is native to North America and can be found in the woods of Canada and North America growing wild.

The Black Cohosh has creeping underground roots known as rhizomes which are black in color and tall slender stems which bear white flowers.

Black Cohosh herb has been used for many ailments for many years and is now being scrutinized for its popularity among women for menopausal symptoms and complaints. For as many positive qualities and treatments that can be found with Black Cohosh just as many cautions and concerns can be found. As with any herbal program discretion is advised.

Black Cohosh Folklore

Black Cohosh legends tell the tale of early Americans believing Black Cohosh to be an herb used by witches and any woman found with Black Cohosh in their possession was burned at the stake as a witch.

Black Cohosh is believed to protect from harm if carried or sprinkled at the threshold of the home to prevent evil from entering.

Black Cohosh Tea

Herbal Tea Recipes

Black Cohosh tea can be made by steeping 1 – 2 teaspoons of Black Cohosh in an 8 oz cup of boiling water for 10 minutes.

Black Cohosh Uses & Herbal Remedies

Black Cohosh has gained popularity with woman for symptoms of menopause to relieve hot flashes, anxiety and vaginal dryness. It is also used to relieve heavy cramping and menstrual flow in those who suffer from painful monthly periods.

It is thought that Black Cohosh has an effect on the hormonal system and affects and can balance hormones during menopause, heavy menstruation and pregnancy.

How Much Black Cohosh Do I Take To Induce Labour?

Black Cohosh has been used in the last weeks of pregnancy to prepare the uterus for delivery and even thought to encourage labor. If you wish to try to induce labour using black cohosh, do so under the care of a medical professional.

Black Cohosh Herb Cautions

Side Effects of Black Cohosh

In some studies Black Cohosh in large doses has been thought to affect the liver and caution should be made by anyone with a known liver condition before taking Black Cohosh. There are side effects documented in using black cohosh.

Due to Black Cohosh mimicking estrogen and therefore usually balancing menopausal and PMS symptoms women who are high risk for breast cancer should use caution before considering using Black Cohosh.

Black Cohosh should be avoided in early pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

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