Could Black Tea Be Coffee's Better Half?

Health Benefits Black Tea

Black tea is usually known as the most common tea to westerners. It is the most consumed type of tea, and is the base in a variety of types of tea blends and drinks. There are many benefits associated with drinking black tea.

If you aren't sure which type of tea you have been drinking, don't despair. We will guide you along so you are well versed in all types of tea.

Where does Tea come from?

True teas come from the same plant, camellia sinensis and the difference between black, green or white tea is in the drying process of the tea leaves. Black types of tea are the most processed or oxidized, and they contain many health benefits. Black types of tea also have the highest caffeine content.

Below is a really great Tea Sampler of some of the best blacks available. It makes a nice gift for yourself or someone who loves a good cup of tea! This is a great starter to introduce anyone to black loose tea - a much different flavor than a common black tea bag such as Lipton or Tetley.

Black Sampler

Black Sampler

Discover the world of difference between supermarket tea bags and the gourmet varieties found in this set. Sample black teas from China, India and Sri Lanka. Six tins in total, one ounce a piece. An ounce of loose black type tea will make about 15 cups of tea. So this is actually a terrific deal!

Tea & Coffee

A common relationship between coffee and black loose tea is the taste. It is common to say that without cream it is very similar to coffee with cream but little sweeter.... We'll that is what some say, but I think the flavours are very distinct.

Along with that, the black types of tea have a heavier taste than teas such as White Tea or Green Tea that are lightly oxidized. When brewed, black loose tea has a very dark color, looking anywhere from dark red to dark brown. Remember the difference between the three main types of tea is the oxidation process. Which involves different drying processes to obtain the distinct type of tea.

Here are some favorite blacks, recipes that use tea, and health benefits of drinking black loose tea!

Black Tea

Is Black Types of Tea Good For You?

The "Blacks" have the highest caffeine content per cup of all teas, but they still have much less than a cup of coffee. The antioxidant level in it is also a little lower than the rest of the teas(because of the oxidation process) but again, it has much more antioxidant qualities than coffee. Black loose tea contains anywhere from 40-100 milligrams of caffeine per cup, mostly depending on the amount of time you let it infuse (fancy word for brew!). There are ways to decrease the amount of caffeine so you really don't need to worry about the caffeine content. You can read more about black tea side effects here. There is an article of interest on the topic.

How to Brew Tea; Blacks

Here are some brewing instructions
to help you brew the perfect cup of black loose tea!

If you have ever contemplated buying Organic Black Bags this is a must read page, full of information that the Gourmet Tea Expert wants to know!

What's That Stuff In Grocery Stores?

If you've ever been shopping in a grocery store in the tea/coffee section you've probably seen tea made by Lipton, Tetley, or Twinings. They control a large part of the overall production of black tea, but I'll let you in on a little secret. That stuff is not the highest quality! Try something like the couple of black loose teas below. You will not be disappointed.

Adagio Teas is one of our favorite suppliers for a huge variety of tea options and blends. If you are considering buying online, Adagio Teas is our top pick.

I try to stay away from major producers like that as much as I can because I know anything made from a major producer is not in its natural form and therefore will not have the correct flavor or nutrients it should. This is especially true with tea. The difference between high production teas and natural teas from specialized farms is VERY big.

Black Tea

First of all, tea from a specialized company will be much more fresh, as they individually hand-pluck the leaves and do all the work themselves. You will also get the leaves in true leaf form, not crumpled up tea dust placed into a tea bag.

Second, the leaves that end up in the mass produced tea bags are ONLY low-mid quality leaves. Again, you are not receiving whole leaf tea if you get them in the common teabag form. This also leaves you with less antioxidants since the leaves are broken and low quality. I only recommend tea bags when you are in a hurry, and they must be from a high-quality company.

Tea Starter Set

You can compare this process with wine. Imagine buying a bottle of wine, only to find out that the grapes that made up that wine were the old, dirty, mushy looking grapes! Wouldn't that make you upset? The tea leaves that make it into tea bags are the "outcasts".

As with other teas, this tea is best served as a whole, high quality loose leaf tea. Do yourself a favor and buy high quality loose leaf tea.

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