Black Loose Tea Leaf size?

by Jo Ann
(San Antonio, Texas)

Black Tea Question

My husband makes black tea with loose leaves. He has requested "large" black tea leaves. Do leaves come in sizes?

Thank you,
Jo Ann


Hi Jo Ann,

Thanks for the question about loose black tea. The answer is yes - tea leaves come in different sizes. The highest quality loose tea is whole leaf tea and sometimes (like with a Pearl Tea) the leaves are even rolled up while they are still green and whole before they are oxidized.

What happens while you steep the tea in the case of a pearl tea is that the tea leaf opens during the steep to its full size.

If you go into any specialty tea shop, you should be able to speak with the staff and find a black loose tea that is a large leaf size.

Small pieces and tea dust are in low grade teas and tea bags and these do not produce the same quality tea.

Adagio teas produces some excellent quality loose leaf black tea and you can visit their site and look at the different black tea blends and see the nice large whole tea leaves in their tea descriptions. Use the banner below.

Adagio Teas


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