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Bio Slim Laxative Herbal Tea is also known as a chinese slim tea, but it is acutally made in Switzerland! You will see it marketed as a Chinese Laxative Herbal Tea, and there are even chinese characters on some of the boxes.

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Read the label and you will see it is manufactured by BOSS Pharmaceuticals AG, Switzerland.

Bio Slim Herbal Tea is a mild laxative, and will reduce bowel sluggishness and constipation. Bio Slim aids in digestion and maintaining regularity.

The manufacturers of this tea claim it will help you achieve dramatic weight loss, and help improve your health and energy level. If you search the internet, their are testimonials to support this, however, every one has a different reaction to herbal medicine. For this reason, always consult your health advisor prior to starting on herbals.

Senna Leaves & Senna Pods!

The two ingredients are Senna pods 75%, and Senna leaves 25%. This is the only ingredients in Bio Slim Herbal Tea. Senna has been used since Egyptian times as a laxative. It is also often used to empty bowels prior to surgeries or ex-rays.

Use senna based products only in amounts that produce the required bowel movement. Senna will move matter through the colon very quickly, and absorbtion of nutrients, minerals and vitamins is greatly reduced.

When starting on Bio Slim Herbal Tea, start with 1 cup a day to see how your body reacts, it is not recommended to drink more than this when first taking this herbal tea.

The tea contains no caffeine, so it is safe to drink prior to bed.

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Natural Laxative & Cleanse

Master Cleanse Recipe & Diet

I have personally tried the Master Cleanse Diet and if you are serious about wanting to detox and cleanse, you simply have to try the Master Cleanse Diet. It is a full cleanse of the digestive system and a complete colon cleanse. You will be disgusted at what comes out of your body, and your whole attitude towards certain foods will change.

This is for those who are truly serious. Rayleen has a great program that will ensure that you are successful in your master cleanse diet, without her program, I wouldn't have made it through the 10 day cleanse. You can check out the Secrets to the Master Cleanse here.

Once you complete it, let me know how you did! Just send a note through my contact form. Lots of my readers have dropped 10-20 lbs and have had a total change of lifestyle.

I personally have more energy than I ever did! Good Luck.


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