Best time to drink green tea

by sandeep
(lucknow,uttar pradesh.india)

i want to know if it is good to drink green tea on an empty stomach in the morning or can it lead to a stomach ache after that?

I have heard lots of cases where green tea can upset your stomach. Does it improve your complexion? Please tell me how to remove the caffeine from t he green tea and which temperature makes the best tea. I would also like to know how much to drink for an improved complexion and the overall treatment of acne. I am a 20 year old guy and I drink two cups of green tea a day at the moment. Will I get a better complexion or any other method from green tea can b extracted to improve complexion?if u suggest 2 times in a day to drink thnxxx

Comment - Crazy for Tea.

I have adjusted your submission to make it easier to read - hope you don't mind, but I will try to help you with the questions you have.

Green tea can upset your stomach, and you are right - drinking green tea on an empty stomach can give you a tummy ache. Just like drinking strong coffee on an empty stomach.

To decaffeinte the tea, you simply emerge your tea leaves in hot water for thirty seconds. Now go ahead and make your tea with the already soaked leaves. This presoak will remove 80% of the caffeine from the tea (more or less) but you will now have to steep the green tea longer than you normally would to get the same flavor.

As for water temperature, it depends on the tea. Green tea does not do well in boiling water. It should be preboiled and remove from heat just prior to boiling as a rule of thumb. White tea requires an even lower water temperature.

And for your acne, yes the green tea will help your complexion. It helps to detox the body and cleanse out those pores. Here is a trick to try - take your spent or used tea bags and rub them gently over your skin - this will allow the skin to directly absorb the tea and you will get immediate results. I do this as a pick me up when my skin is looking tired and I need to rejuvinate myself. Your skin will glow, any acne will be treated and you will look great!

Hope this helps and good luck.

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