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Oct 14, 2015
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Nov 20, 2009
a few suggestions from a chronic fad dieter - Green Tea Diet
by: Wren, Site Guest

This is just from my personal experience. Here are some herbs you should stock;

-Number one-green tea definitely works. I lost at least 20lbs. in a half summer.
I did the "double brew" method like my friend suggested and I seemed to have more energy than just regularly brewing it. I had originally been told that the first brew removes certain tannins, (which I started doing because of my anemia and tannins interfere with iron absorption) but then read on this site that it's the caffeine that first comes out. I'm not sure if both or neither are correct, but I lost weight and felt a lot "lighter on my feet" after starting the double brew method.

-Fennel Seed! It smells like licorice and tastes sort of like a lower grade chamomile. Crush them before you brew them. I was told that they would rev up my metabolism, but they pretty much just eliminated bloating reduced my sweets cravings about as much as cinnamon does. (Also, if you're a diabetic, cinnamon is very good for types 1&2.)

-dandelion and/or parsley. I went through a series of detox-focused diets, and it seemed that herbs that specifically detoxify through the blood (not liver or kidneys) actually did help. The ones that I remember using a lot were dandelion and parsley. I took the parsley as a tea (with equal parts of mint for sweetness), and the dandelion as various supplements. The dandelion may have only worked because it's a diuretic, but all the vitamins in it can't possibly hurt, either!

-quinoa (keen-wah) seemed to do a pretty good job of keeping me full and increasing my metabolism. It's a grain food that's related to spinach. In my town, I've never come across quinoa that WASN'T organic, so I couldn't tell you the difference between it and the normal stuff.

I hope this helps! Just shop around until you find what works for YOU. Everyone's different!

Jul 27, 2009
I found the magic potion!!!
by: Anonymous

Anyone tried Two Chick Tea's SUXTABEE FAT Potion?? I've lost 40 lbs so far and it's 100% ORGANIC!!! Check it out!!!

This stuff is unbelievable!!! Works along side any diet and gives it a Turbo Boost! Reduces cravings, boosts metabolism, curbs appetite, gives energy WITHOUT caffeine and, get this, it's actually good for you! Imagine that.
No chemicals, no additives, no junk. Period.
LOVE this stuff!!!

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