Best Tea for Caffeine Boost

by Brenda Walton
(Orlando, FL)

Tea Question:

what type of tea has the highest caffeine content?


Thank you for your question about which tea contains the most caffeine. This is something that is often asked, and we are happy to refer you to an article we wrote that contains the caffeine content of some of the more popular base teas.

The direct answer to your question is Black Teas - these contain some of the highest amounts of caffeine.

Each tea blend and type is different, so unless it has been tested - you can`t be sure. But black teas are the closest to the content of caffeine in coffee - and some of them come amazingly close. You can read more about black tea here.

I hope this helps, and from our home page, there is a section on the left that is headed `Tea and Caffeine` that will provide you with an excellent article on the caffeine in various teas.

Good Luck!

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