Best Green tea for weight loss/ make it tease Great

by Danyale

what is the best green tea to drink for weight loss?

what is the best way to sweeten your green tea?

will green tea loose its antioxidants if you add raw sugar and lemon?

Thank you for your questions about weight loss and tea. I have to refer you to our Oolong Tea section as this is the very best tea for weight loss.

Of all the types of teas, it has been proven that oolong tea (between green and black tea) has the best results for weight loss. It will increase your metabolism and allow your body to naturally burn fat. It is amazing stuff. 2 cups am, 2 cups around lunch and one in the afternoon. Eat a sensible diet, excercise and you will get results! I drink one cup before each breakfast and lunch and one cup after.

As for the lemon and honey, this is fine to do and it will not affect the tea.

Hope this helps,

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