Bergamot Tea

Bergamot tea was originally very popular with native American Indians and is also known as Oswego tea.

It is a herbal tea or herbal infusion, but can be blended with other tea herbs to achieve amazing healing tea results.

Bergamot has a very similar flavour to early grey tea, and is spectacular when infused with good quality loose leaf black teas. Bergamot is one of my favourite herbs to infuse with loose leaf teas.

The flavor is very similar to Bergamot Oil which is derivied from the Bergamot Orange rind and used in tradtional Earl Grey teas.

Oswego Tea

Bergamot Tea

The North American Indians known as Oswego Indians lived in an area of Western New York. They had made tea from the dried leaves of Monarda Didyma or Scarlet Bee Balm for many years. They shared this wonderful tea with early colonial settlers and after the Boston Tea Party, when their was a shortage of tea, the Oswego Tea or Bergamot became very popular as a substitute for traditional black tea.

Bergamot tea has been brewed for 1000’s of years. If you are planting a tea garden, this is a must have herb and the bergamot plant is a beautiful perennial flower. Also known as Bee Balm for the garden, it attracts bees and helps pollinate the tea garden. The red variety of flower is the most flavourful when using for brewing tea, and is the traditional bee balm used. The flower of the bergamot plant is quite beautiful.

Recipe; Tea Bergamot

To brew bergamot herbal tea, follow these instructions. Also see our best buy on this page for organic bergamot to add to your herbal remedies collection.

2 Teaspoons dried bergamot leaves and flowers12 oz fresh boiled water

Steep the bergamot for 2-4 minutes using a tea infuser for best results. Strain the tea and enjoy.

More Bergamot Variations – Tea Recipes

  • Bergamot Black Tea – earthy tones, strong tea
  • Bergamot White Tea – a delicate balance and lighter tasting tea
  • Bergamot Green Tea – a very wild tasting tea.
  • Bergamot Oolong Tea – middle of the road blend
  • Bergamot Iced Tea – Delicious and refresing on a hot day
  • Bergamot Lemon Iced Tea – Use sweet black tea and add a few lemons

Infusing Herbs – Herbal Tea

Making Bergamot Tea

To infuse bergamot or any other herb with tea, simply use 1 teaspoon of high quality tea leaves and 1 teaspoon of bergamot dried herb for every 12 ounces of water. Cut you brew time back to 1-3 minutes, depending on the strength of the tea.

What is Bergamot Used For?

We get emails and questions about the healing properties of herbs and the bergamot plant is no different. We have a great article, Bergamot Herb - All about Bergamot that goes into detail on the different uses of dried bergamot, and bergamot tea.

Where to Buy Bergamot

Getting certified organic herbs is very important when blending or infusing any type of herbal tea. Our preferred supplier is Mountain Rose Herbs, they have excellent product. Available in many sizes from small packets to herbs in bulk. Follow the banner to visit their site.

Buy Bergamot

Commercial Bergamot Herbal Tea

There are several tea companies that blend bergamot infused teas. Loose and bergamot tea bags are available. Here are the top bergamot commercial teas.

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