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Bergamot Herb - Bergamot Tea

Bergamot, commonly known as Bee Balm is a native of Eastern North America and has many uses both edible and medicinal.Bergamot plants have at least 3 different color flowers and types, purple, pink and red. The red variety of the Bergamot plant is said to have been used by early colonists as tea after the Boston Tea Party. The Oswaga Tribe showed the early American settlers who were protesting tax imposed on imported tea, how to make Oswaga Tea. The dried leaves and flowers are both used to make a tea reminiscent of Earl Grey whose flavoring is actually derived from a different plant "Bergamot Orange"(Citrus bergamia) which is actually a citrus fruit. The scents and flavours of these two plants are very similar.

Berbamont Herbal Tea

With its fragrant and beautiful flowers Bergamot is often used in gardens and will often attract butterflies and hummingbirds and of course bees.

Bergamot Tea or Oswaga Tea

Herbal Tea Recipe

A Bergamot tea can be made from dried Bergamot flowers & leaves by steeping 1 teaspoon of dried Bergamot herb, leaves and flowers to one cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. To read more about Bergamot Tea and Bergamot Herb, visit our Bergamot Tea Section. There is some great information on what bergmot is used for and how to make bergamot tea.

Bergamot Tea Bags

You can also find several quality teas, including organic ones that contain bergamot. Bergamot goes very well with black tea. The flavors blend very well and it is a soothing herbal tea.

Bergamot Tea can be used to help alleviate headache and fever and other cold symptoms as well as aiding in digestion. It also contains the antiseptic Thymol which is widely used in western medicine.

Bergamot Uses

What is Bergamot Used For?

Lots of people ask, what is bergamot used for? Well, here is are some of the uses of parts of the bergamot platn.

Bergamot flowers and leaves can be eaten in salads or dried and used in sachets or potpourris.

Dried Bergamot can be added to boiling water for refreshing facial steams. The fresh leaves of Bergamot can also be placed on facial skin eruptions. The thymols antiseptic qualities can heal the skin quickly.

Bergamot is often used in creams and lotions for its gentle and fragrant qualities.

Bergamot Tea can also alleviate headache and fever and other cold symptoms as well as aiding in digestion after a big meal. It also is very soothing and can aid in treating mild insomnia.

Bergamot Folklore

Bergamot’s lore includes uses for attraction and purification and was used by Native Americans in the celebrations before a hunt.

Bergamot Cautions

The only well known precaution with Bergamot is in its essential oils. Caution should be used with the oil to avoid direct contact with the skin as well as with lotions containing Bergamot essential oil while in the sun as it may make skin more sensitive to sunburn.

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