Benefits of Jasmine Tea

The benefits of jasmine tea can be varying and depend on the type and quality of the base tea used.
Jasmine tea can be made with a green tea base, black tea base or an oolong tea base and each of these loose leaf teas has different benefits and come in a wide range of qualities.

Most jasmine teas are made with a green tea base. This is common and you get both the benefits of drinking green tea along with the unique qualities of jasmine. You can infuse your own green tea with jasmine by adding your own high quality jasmine to your loose green tea. We suggest you do this and store your tea in a tea tin or glass container in a dark cupboard. The jasmine will infuse into the tea somewhat depending on the temperature of your home etc.

Infused green tea is done by allowing the aromatic oils of the jasmine flower to infuse the tea leaves themselves during the drying process - producing a far superior tea.

Jasmine Tea Benefits

Benefits of Jasmine Tea

There are benefits that are derived from the jasmine flower and the infusion. When the jasmine flowers are steeped, the oils and benefits of these little flowers are released into the hot water and the benefits can then be consumed. Here are the major benefits of jasmine:

  • Jasmine tea can reduce stress
  • Jasmine tea is a mild sedative
  • Jasmine green tea can eliminate free radicals
  • Jasmine green tea is a cancer preventitive
  • Jasmine green tea can help you lose weight
  • Jasmine green tea is full of anti oxidants
  • Jasmine green tea can improve your skin
  • Jasmine green tea can reduce wrinkles
  • Jasmine green tea can reduce cholesterol
  • Jasmine tea has a calming soothing effect
These are just some of the benefits of drinking jasmine infused teas. Many of our readers are interested in infusing their own teas, and we have an excellent supplier of top quality jasmine flowers for infusing.

I have purchased jasmine flowers from many sources, and the quality of the jasmine can not be under rated. Brown, over dried jasmine will not have much of the beneficial oils in it, so make sure that you buy your jasmine from a good source. You can use our supplier by visiting our tea herbs section and navigating to "J" for jasmine.

There are also many commercial grade and market jasmine teas that you can purchase. Some are so fabulous you won't believe the intoxicating scent anf flavour. Some of our favorites can be found at Adagio Tea, use the link below to visit their site and browse the fabulous selection of gourmet teas.

Adagio Teas

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