Benefits of Green Tea Dieting

This article explains the benefits of green tea dieting. After reading this article, you will have an understanding of just how a green tea diet works.

Benefits of Green Tea Dieting

This will make it a whole lot easier to learn how to lose weight with tea. Green tea is just one of many diet teas or slimming teas on the market today. It was the first one to really gain popularity in the tea diet craze.

Green tea has some unique benefits and qualities making it the number one diet tea or a main ingredient in most weight loss teas on the market today. If you read the ingredients on many weight loss pills and capsules, you will find that most of the time green tea and green tea extract are on of the main ingredients.

This is because it is so effective at boosting your metabolism making your body burn fat faster and helping you to loose weight without starving yourself or restricting your food intake.

Incorporating just 3 cups of green tea into your diet a day, always beforeyour meals will encourage your body to burn fat faster, and you won't be as hungry when you eat your meal. This just simply helps you to eat less beacause you have fluid in your stomach before you start eating.

Personally, I like to have a cup of green tea before my meal and another one after.... this is the best combination for me to keep my metabolism in prime working shape.

Now, just because you drink green tea doesn't mean that you don't have to watch what you eat. You must eat sensibly. Lots of vegetables and proteins, reduce your carbohydrate intake, and get fruits, grains, and other beneficial foods into your diet.

Your body will thank you by shedding those extra pounds that seem to just slowly creep on to our bodies over time.

The benefits of green tea dieting can be summed up as follows:

  • Green Tea increases Metabolism
  • Green Tea is an antioxidant
  • Green Tea helps with digestion
  • Green Tea is good for you
  • Green Tea helps our body flush out fat

These are the basics about dieting with green tea. One of my favorite diet teas is oolong, we have some fabulous oolong tea available, and it is my favorite for boosting metabolism, getting my digestive system in top working order, and shedding those pounds that I need to lose. It is expecially effective at getting rid of what I call belly fat, that layer that just forms on our mid section. You can buy oolong tea here. (Oolong is a cross or between tea of green tea and black tea. It is partially oxidized.

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