Benefits of Ginger Root

Ginger Tea - Herbal Tea

The benefits of Ginger Root are actually quite amazing.

The root is readily available in organic and non-organic forms at your local grocers or vegetable stand. Ginger Root is used to make Ginger Tea, a common herbal remedy.

Benefits of Ginger

Beneficial Properties of Ginger & Ginger Tea

Benefits of Ginger

Lots of people send emails and ask: What is ginger root used for? The list below is just some of the benefits you will get from ingesting ginger.

  • Antioxidant
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Heart Health
  • Gastrointestinal Tonic
  • Anti Ulcer Effects
  • Thermogenic Properties
  • Antibiotic Activity
  • Treats Motion Sickness
  • Treats Nausea & Voimiting
  • Treats Inflammation

Most people will agree that the benefits of ginger root are best recieved from the root form vs a powder. Fresh Organic Ginger root is required to make a beneficial Ginger Tea.

Powdered Herbs tend to lack the nutrients that make the fresh herb effective for various medicinal reasons.

When you are shopping for ginger root, look for firm, full roots. If there is any sign of loss of water, or shrinking, look for another root.

How to Prepare Ginger Root

Fresh Ginger Root can be used in any recipe calling for powdered ginger. Make sure you peel the root prior to using it. Slice it very thin for best results.

Trick for Storage. Ginger Root can be peeled and frozen for later use. Once frozen if you need some ginger for a recipe or cup of Spicy Ginger Tea, simply grate the frozen peeled root with a grater and when done, pop it back in the freezer in a sealed container or bag.

We have an excellent recipe for Spicy Ginger Tea that is great for someone with the flu and chills. The anti nausea properties and the thermogenic properties will work wonders on someone ailing from the common flu or cold.

If you prefer preblended ginger teas, Adagio Teas is one of our favorites for herbal tea blends.

Buy Ginger for Herbal Tea

One of our favorite and recommended suppliers of herbal tea ingredients is Mountain Rose Herbs. They offer certified organic ingredients for all your herbal tea blends. Up to a 40% discount is offered, depending on the size of your order. Visit them by following their banner below.

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Guidelines for Ginger Root Doseage

Note: These are only guidelines, contact your physician or health care provider to treat serious medical conditions.

If you are treating nausea, grams 10 grams of ginger root per day, or 1/4 slice should do the trick. If you can not locate fresh ginger root and are using powder, use 1 - 2 grams of the powder.

If you are treating arthritis and are looking for the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger use twice the amount listed above.

Ginger Root Tea

You can purchase pre packaged ginger root tea bags and ginger tea. Be sure you are buying pure root. Here are some of my personal favorites.

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