Benefits of Dandelion Tea

There are many benefits of dandelion tea. It is one of the most powerful herbal teas and herbal tea remedies that you can ingest.
Dandelion is mostly thought of as a weed, that we should pull and uproot from our yards and gardens, but dandelion benefits should be considered before you destroy this helpful herb from your garden.

This article about the health benefits of dandelion may just have you change your mind the next time you pull a dandelion and consider it a weed.

Dandelion Tea Benefits

Dandelion Tea

The dandelion is considered a weed by most, but is a tremendous food source. It is rich in vitamins A and C and has many anti oxidant and detoxifying properties, as well as calcium and high iron content. Dandelion tea is used for the following treatments and as a remedy in some cases:

  • Dandelion Tea is a blood purifyer
  • Dandelion Tea can lower high blood pressure
  • Dandelion Tea is used to treat anemia
  • Dandelion Tea can relieve urinary tract disorders
  • Dandelion Tea is a cancer preventitive
  • Dandelion Tea can dissolve kidney stones
  • Dandelion Tea can relieve diarrhea
  • Dandelion Tea reduces stomach gas and bloating
  • Dandelion Tea promotes weight loss
  • Dandelion Tea promotes and improves bone health
  • Dandelion Tea can clear acne prone skin
  • Dandelion Tea can detox your liver

You can see that dandelion tea is very effective against a variety of conditions.

It is an anti cancer herb, and helps remove free radicals that cause cell damage from our bodies.

It can purify your blood - creating energy and an overall feeling of wellness. It is high in calcium, giving us strong bones and teeth.

It can purify our skin, and reduce acne. You can do this by ingesting the tea and using it as a topical wash.

How to Make Dandelion Tea

Learning how to make dandelion tea is not difficult, as with most herbal teas and herbal tea remedies, two ingredients are all that you need. Dandelion herb, and water. Here is the basic tea recipe:

  • 1 teaspoon dandelion leaves
  • 8 Ounces fresh boile water

Steep the dandelion leaves for 8-10 minutes in the fresh boiled water. Strain and drink. You can sweeten with honey and a little lemon for a nice flavor.

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The benefits of dandelion are amazing, so please consider this plants healing properties before you pull out your next dandelion and consider it a weed.

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