Arizona Tea Could be Making You Fat!

Arizona Green Tea & Arizona Iced Tea

Big manufacturers like Arizona tea are always trying to make the most profit they can. Making your own iced tea is usually a healthy option.
Their main thought throughout the day is "show me the money!” You may be drinking Arizona Green Tea or Arizona Iced Tea thinking, "hey, it can't be that bad, after all it is tea".Go ask the owner of Coca Cola to cease his operations because he’s slowly killing people through soda. He would laugh in your face!

Now let’s talk about some diet companies. Diet products come along very frequently, but it seems as if the old ones never made it to fruition before they were forgotten about. Millions of people all over the world are falling prey to these advertising schemes, only to find out that they spent a few hundred bucks and lost no weight. Don't let this happen to you.

The reason?

Arizona Green Tea - SUGAR!

Most of them contain high amounts of sugar. Sugar is one of the least talked about but most important nutritional aspects of losing weight. Do you see a “daily value” for sugar? I think not. This is exactly how these corporations want it though, because they have the opportunity to leave the sugar in, giving it a better taste. Therefore the consumer thinks they’re eating or drinking healthy. Well guess what, they’re not!

If you are an Arizona tea drinker, you probably think you are drinking something healthy. Well think again. 1 bottle of Arizona Iced tea contains 51, yes 51, grams of sugar. That is A LOT of sugar! Just think of the damage you are doing to your body with that amount of sugar.

I’ll list just a few:

First, you are risking your chance for diabetes. Diabetes is growing exponentially, and the main reason is consuming too much sugar.

Arizona Iced Tea Diet?

You are also getting fatter every time you drink a bottle. Although drinking Arizona tea is probably better than drinking soda, all that sugar is not meant to be put in your body. Being overweight leads to so many problems it's inconceivable. Things such as joint problems, heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, unexpected death, heart problems, cancer, diseases, and even skin problems. Arizona Green Tea has high sugar content as well.

Think about drinking 1 can each day (one of those tall 24 ounce cans they have). First, it’s a little over a buck, but we’ll round down to $1 for each can. It also contains 51 grams of fat-making sugar.

You think your doing yourself a favor by drinking arizona green tea, so you drink 1 can per day. After 365 days, you’ve wasted over $365. You’ve also just consumed 18,615 grams of sugar!

That’s an extra 41 pounds per year! Of course, I’ll be fair and add that you probably wouldn’t actually gain that much because of your metabolism. However, you should be drinking things that help you lose weight, not gain it.

I think you’ll agree by now that Arizona tea is not for you. Even if you went with a diet tea, you really don’t know what you’re getting. In their Arizona blueberry green tea, it says on the label that it contains no blueberry juice!

Do you know what kind of chemical Arizona Iced Tea is using to get that blueberry flavor? I don't, and to be honest I don't even want to find out. Our bodies aren't meant to take in random chemicals like that.

If you would like a great tasting and healthy drink, pick up some tea today. It doesn’t matter what kind, as long as it’s high quality tea and not Arizona tea, but if you want to loose weight, the best tea is an Oolong Tea due to it's fat burning qualities.

Spend your money more wisely and drink some high quality tea that's good for you. You can even make your own iced tea if you'd like!


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Check out my Beginners Guide To Tea if you want to stop drinking arizona tea and start drinking healthy, but don’t know where to start.

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