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Is it okay for children to drink arizona green tea daily?

I would not suggest that any children or child should drink any type of tea daily including Arizona Ice Tea.

There is caffeine to be concerned about as well as high amounts of sugar. This is like drinking caffeinated cola type drinks daily. Not a great idea for a child or little one.

If I was to suggest a tea for children, it would be a white tea with no type of sweetner. White teas have the lowest level of caffeine of any type of true tea - sweetner and sugars are just not great for any child - they get enough sugar in many of the fruit juices and natural fruits they eat.

If Arizona Ice tea is part of a childs diet you may notice a change to sleeping patterns (less sleep required) and more hyper activity, followed by a 'crash' from the caffeine sugar combo.

I hope this helps.


I hope this helps,


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