Antique Tea Strainer

Types of Tea Strainers

If you are looking for an antique tea strainer, you are likely a tea strainer collector!. Garage sales and second hand stores are some of the best places to pick up unique tea strainers to add to your collection.
Most antiques or collectable tea strainers are metal, silver or stainless steel. You can find some amazing antique silver plated tea strainers from days gone by, as well as porcelain tea strainers and decorative tea strainers.

They are often very very detailed, and are pieces of art. Some of the tea cup tea strainers are just beautiful. Porcelain tea strainers are my favourites in collectable tea strainers.

Online auctions are another place to pick up collectable tea strainers. Ebay often has several being auctioned at any given time.

There are two basic types of tea strainers for collectors, those that are used in conjunction with a tea pot, and those that are used with a tea mug or tea cup. They are all very collectable if you can find older versions that have a place in history.

Tea strainers are becoming more popular now than they were just a few years ago due to the revival of loose leaf tea versus using a tea bag. Just 10 years ago, tea bags were about all you could find or buy if you were looking for tea. Now we have such fabulous loose leaf teas and infusions that tea strainers are seeing a massive revival.

Collectable Tea Strainers

We have included what is being auctioned at Ebay right now as far as tea strainers go. Browse the list and you may come up with a real gem to bid on and add to your tea strainer collection.

If you didn’t find the tea strainer you are looking for here, we may have it in our Tea Accessories Store, be sure to check it out.


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