Anti Inflammatory Herbs

Natural Anti Inflammatory Tea

Many people use anti inflammatory herbs to aid in the reduction of water retention and other factors that contribute to inflammation and swelling.
Natural Anti Inflammatory remedies are often found in health tea or herbal teas and infusions.

Some natural herbal remedies also provide pain relief associated with swelling and inflammation. Natural Anti Inflammatory Herbs, such as aloe vera can be used to reduce swelling and inflammation when applied topically or ingested, but most of the herbs below are ingested for best results.

Many of these herbs can be made into a herbal tea, to make inclusion of them in your diet easy to do.

Here is a list of the top Natural Anti Inflammatory Foods and Herbs.

Anti Inflammatory Foods & Teas

Anti Inflammatory Herbs

  • Aloe Vera:
  • Aloe Vera has multiple anti inflammatory actions in both its topical and oral applications. It is effective as a herb for swelling and it’s associated pain. There are several documents that warn not to drink more than 1 quart of aloe vera juice or tonic in a day. It should also be noted that some people are allergic to aloe vera, so use caution. You can learn more about aloe vera tea and internal use of aloe vera by visiting Aloe Vera Juice Benefits.
  • Mangosteen Fruit as Anti Infammatory Mangosteen has a tremendous ability to help reduce inflammation. You can make mangosteen tea and really reap the benefits of reduced pain and swelling. In my opinion, it is one of the better natural anti inflammatory foods.
  • Bromelain:
  • Bromelain has several components that make it a great anit-inflammatory herb. Bromelain has been documented to reduce inflammation in experimental models and clinical studies.

  • Echinacea:
  • Echinacea juices and teas promote tissue regeneration and reduce inflammation. Echinacea also produces a mild cortisone effect and enhances the secretion of adrenal cortex hormones. Echinacea is a wonderful additive to a herbal tea or health tea.

  • Licorice:
  • Licorice has significant anti inflammatory and swelling reduction properties. Licorice is also an effective anti-allergic herb.

  • Tumeric:
  • Tumeric posses anti-inflammatory agents as well. Tumeric actually contains between 0.5 – 5.5 percent Curcumin. Curcumin is an orange yellow oil, which is actually volatile. Curcumin is actually noted as being more effective than cortisol in clinical studies. Tumeric can be added to a herbal tea or health tea to obtain it's healing properties.

    Teas for Swelling & Joints

    There are some teas blended to specifically reduce swelling and joint pain. Here are a few:

    Caution: Your health care practitioner should administer all herbs. Please consult them before you start to treat illness with Herbs.

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