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Anise Herb

Anise Tea, made from the Anise herb or star, anise seed, or anise oil is a popular tea and often blended with other forms of tea or infused into a herbal based tea or infusion.

Native to the Mediterranean area Anise is what gives flavor to licorice. It is believed that Romans would eat Anise cakes after heavy meals to easy digestion and Anise is mentioned as a means by which to pay tithes in the Bible. King Edward I declared Anise to be a taxable drug that is used today medicinally as well as in many culinary dishes.

Growing Anise can only be done in warm climates and the Anise shrub is native to the Mediterranean with its dry warm climate. It is not a herb you can grow in your typical North American vegetable garden.

Anise can be found as an ingredient in many recipes, in alcoholic beverages, in cough syrups and candies. The essential oil, or anise oil, can be used to treat lice and scabies and the scent of the anise oil can be used for colds and congestion. It is also used to calm a baby suffering from colic.

Anise Star

Although the roots and leaves are edible it is the seed of Anise that is widely used and can commonly be found in most kitchen’s spice racks. The famous Anise Star is what contains the seed. Anise is used as a spice along with Fennel to season fish, used in the making of rye bread and even in cakes and soups due to its sweet and fragrant qualities. These qualities are what make anise ideal for a cup of herbal tea.

Anise Star - Anise Tea

Anise Tea - Anise Herbal Tea

Anise Tea can be brewed by boiling 1 ½ cups of water with 2 teaspoons of dried anise leaves or seeds and then can be steeped for 10 minutes with herbal tea of choice. Chamomile would be a good choice if you are seeking digestive aids and is a complimentary herb to Anise Tea.

Anise Seed Tea Bags

Recently, Anise seed tea bags have become available and you can purchase these online or at your local health food store. It is a quick easy way to make a tea for aiding in digestion. Anise seed tea bags are often infused with additional herbs to enhance flavour even further. It is a wonderfully scented tea.

Anise Herb Benefits & Herbal Remedies

The culinary uses of Anise are plentiful and this herb can be found in many recipes of foods that are sweet and savory. Anise is commonly used to season fish and poultry, soups and even some alcoholic beverages.

Medicinally Anise is used to aid digestion and dispel internal gas. Drinking a cup of Anise herbal Tea after a meal will ease digestion and the bloated gassy feeling often associated with heavy meals. Anise can also be used to ease coughs and congestion by thickening the tea with honey.

Anise can be chewed for an effective breath freshener as well as the culinary and medicinal uses. Anise has been associated with protective properties and has been used in dream pillows to help chase away bad dreams. It is also a supportive herbal tea for mothers who breastfeed and are nursing little ones.

Anise Tea - Tea Bags & Loose Herbs

You can pick up Anise tea bags and tea blends containing anise seed online. Herbal Tea bags are a quick way to get the benefits of herbal tea with convenience.

Anise Herb Cautions

Overuse of Anise could have excessive diuretic effects and therefore should not be used in high dosages to avoid possible dehydration.

High dosages of Anise have also been reported to cause hallucinations and should be used in small quantities until you know how your body reacts to Anise.

Anise is related to the carrot family and therefore if you are allergic to carrot you may also react to Anise.

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