Angelica Herbal Tea

Angelica Herb - Dong Quai

Angelica is a common ingredient in herbal teas, though finding a pure Angelica Herbal Tea is not an easy thing to do. You pretty much have to brew your own from the angelica herb.
Angelica is also known as Dong Quai in Chinese medicine and has been used in traditional Chinese remedies for female related problems for 1000’s of years. Often blended with other Chinese and western herbs, you may be drinking angelica tea and not even know it! The angelica that we are talking of in this article is Chinese Angelica or Angelica sinensis, there are other types and varieties, you can read more about them here at our Angelica Sinensis article.

Many of the PMS Teas, Menopause Tea, and Pregnancy Tea recipes call for angelica as one of the main ingredients. It has some qualities that make it useful in treating PMS and menopause specific problems. Here are a few of the qualities of Angelica.

  • Reduce Blood Pressure
  • Mild Pain Killer
  • Mild Sedative
  • Anti-Allergan
  • Muscle Relaxant

You can buy angelica sinensis as a dried herb online or in most health food stores. It may be offered for sale under the name Dong Quai, so if you can’t find Angelica sinensis, look for Dong Quai.

The key is to find a fresh source. Old herbs never make a nice cup of herbal tea. One of my favourite places to get the best deal for herbs is ebay, and when shopping for Angelica, they have some great deals. Here is what is being auctioned right now. Have a look, you may just find an awesome deal that you can’t pass up.

For tips on storing Angelica dried herb, here are a few.

  • Air tight container
  • No Plastic
  • Glass Jars with a screw on lid are best
  • Store out of sunlight
  • Do not let moisture get to the herb
  • These herb storing tips will get you the longest life out of your dried Angelica.

    Angelica Herbal Tea - Tea Bags

    Sometimes you can't find angelica herb available. There are many suppliers that offer angelica or dong quai tea online and it is quite inexpensive. Get all the benefits of Angelica Tea in a convenient tea bag.

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    Angelica Herbal Tea Bags

    Angelica Root Red Jujube Herb Formula (Dang Gui Hong Zao Chong Ji) 10 instant tea packets

    Angelica Root Red Jujube Herb Formula (Dang Gui Hong Zao Chong Ji) 10 instant tea packets

    Functions: Nourishes Blood, Tonifies the Qi, Calms the Shen Standard Dosage: Mix the contents of 1 packet in hot water, take as needed. Ingredients: Angelica sinensis root, Ziziphus jujuba fruit, Cane sugar. - Dang gui, Hong zao, Zhe tang. Cautions & Contraindications: Contraindicated during the early stages of acute illness such as cold and flu, or during an acute infection. Use with caution during pregnancy. Use with caution in Spleen deficient patients with a tendency to loose stools, diarrhea, low appetite or chronic digestive weakness.

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