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Angelica Herb

Known as a womens herb, angelica can be made into a herbal tea and is used in many herbal remedies. It is a very effective herb. There are many types and species of this plant.
Herbalists however, typically use the common garden form of the plant which grows wild in Northern Europe. In the United States Angelica is also known as American Dong Quai. It is used to treat many different ailments and was even proclaimed to cure the plague! Today the leaves, roots and even seeds are used medicinally by herbalists and natural remedy practioners. Dong Quai is an important and popular herb.

Angelica Herbal Tea

Angelica Information

The Angelica - Dong Quai as a plant prefers cool, damp and shady areas to grow in and is a hardy plant in that it can thrive in diverse conditions and even withstand a winter freeze. With a yellow greenish flower and bright green leaves it grows to be 4 to 6 feet high and is striking. It is often grown in cultivated gardens by some or treated as an unwanted weed by others.

Angelica Herbal Tea Recipe

Angelica Tea

A Angelica or Dong Quai herbal tea can be prepared by using 1 teaspoon of dried ground angelica root to 8 ounces of boiling water and steeped for 10 minutes.

You can also use angelica extract and add the extract to your favorite cup of herbal tea and enjoy all the benefits of angelica.

Angelica Tea Benefits & Herbal Remedies

A herbal tea made from the dried and crushed angelica roots can be used to treat coughs and colds as it works as an expectorant to relieve the chest congestion that can accompany a cold. The leaves can then be made into a poultice and placed on the chest as well to assist in the discomforts of chest congestion.

Angelica Herbal Tea is said to be a good daily tonic for its ability to strengthen the heart and aid in all forms of stomach disorders. The stem of the plant can be chewed to relieve stomach upset and flatulence.

Angelica is a common herbal tea for women, and is commonly known as the Womans Herb. It is effective in regulating menstruation as well as helping to relieve the cramping associated with menstruation. Menopausal hormonal fluctuations and symptoms are said to be regulated with its use as well. It has even been reported to increase the female libido.

Angelica has an antibacterial, insecticide and pesticide action that can be used to treat gout, athlete’s foot and even acne when the root is made into an infusion. It can work as a gargle for sore throats and mouths, helps heal and relieve swelling and bruising, itching and even rheumatism; therefore the use with arthritis is common and helpful.

Angelica Tea Folklore

Historically, Angelica was thought to have protective and healing qualities and bring strength to women and children who consumed the tea. Many people around the world still drink Angelica Herbal Tea for this reason.

Angelica Tea Cautions

Due to its ability to help in menses blockages and encourage menstruation, the use of this herb is not adviseable for pregnant women.

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