Aloe Vera Is Stronger Than You Think

Have you ever noticed that aloe vera is the main ingredient in virtually every moisturizing lotion available? Well, there is a very good reason for that.
Living in Pennsylvania, I've experienced the power of dry air to make my entire body as dry as the desert sand. I've also experienced some pretty nasty sunburns when I was younger, but I've since wised-up and rarely get sunburns to the point where I can hardly walk.

Aloe - Sun Burn Aid

Well, since I have dry hands in the winter and sunburns in the summer, I tend to use moisturizing creams a lot. I always look to make sure that the main ingredient is aloe because I understand the health benefits of the plant and how it relates to your skin.

Having said that, let me fill you in on some of the uses of it.

External Uses - Skin Irritation

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The health benefits of aloe are commonly known when referring to it's external benefits. It is commonly used in virtually every moisturizer in the world, and this comes from the time when Cleopatra used it to protect her skin from the scorching Egyptian desert sun hundreds of years ago.

It is also used to increase the healing time of radiation burns or after skin surgery. If you like to take baths, feel free to take an aloe bath. Just get 2-4 bags of tea and put them into a cool bath. Then just soak in it for awhile, let the aloe heal your skin, and feel better the next day!

Aloe Vera Tea - Internal Uses

Although the health benefits of aloe vera are typically known for external uses that I've just described, it can also be used internally as a "medicinal aloe". Aloe tea is a great digestive aid, particularly for constipation. By relaxing the bowels it lets the large intestine do its job. It also helps stimulate more bile, which in turns promotes better digestion. If you have an aloe plant at home, add a little of the aloe gel to your favorite cup of tea. Our recent article Aloe Tea provides more information on this powerful herbal tea.

This amazing herb is also an anti fungal, removing the bad fungus from your stomach and helping you feel more energetic. It is also one of the most effective treatments against internal parasites like worms from the intestines.

Aloe Vera Tea

Acid Reflux and Aloe

Aloe and acid reflux are 2 words that should never go together. Why? Because it helps to heal it! If you suffer from acid reflux, try using it internally and see if you can get some positive benefits from it.

I'm sure by now you're a bit surprised of all the health benefits this great plant contains. Hopefully now you'll try it out for yourself and see the benefits of it in your own life! There is a great Aloe Gel that can be added to tea, juice etc. Note: If you take it in high doses it may causes cramps. Therefore, it should be combined with something like peppermint to offset the cramps. The only reason a person should take high doses of this is to fight off digestive disorders that won't go away or if you come down with some type of aggressive intestinal bacteria. It should be taken in small doses, and isn't recommended to be used internally for children, elderly, or pregnant women.

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