Alice In Wonderland Party Supplies

Themed Tea Party Ideas

There are lots of Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies and party favours to choose from to help make your next kids tea party a hit! Themed tea parties and themed birthday parties are very popular - especially for girls birthday parties - and Alice in Wonderland is a great theme that goes well with a tea party! Perfect for ages 6-11 and ages on either side of that range.

Buying Alice in Wonderland Party Favors and Supplies can be alot of fun and really make your tea party or childrens birthday party very special. There are just amazing options because this theme has been around a while.

We have grouped the ideas for you to make planning your tea party or birthday party and buying Alice in Wonderland Party Favors a little easier to do. Our supplier is top notch, and you will be amazed at all the great favors, decorations, goodies, balloons, and cake decorating tips they have to offer.

Alice in Wonderland Party Banner

You can pick up personalized party banners at Shindigz - visit via the banner below Free Shipping on Shindigz Orders $85+ The Perfect Personal Party Banner You can personalize this banner to make a really special statement for your Alice in Wonderland Tea Party. It is available in different sizes, and can be designed for indoor or outdoor party use. It is a great addition to any tea party, birthday party or social event!

Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies!

Ebay is another GREAT choice!

Ebay is a great source for kids birthday party favors. You can pick up what you need at great prices. Blow Horns, Balloons, Party Bags, and Party Prizes are all available. You can also check out your local Dollar Store or Discount Store. Disney has produced a whole range of Party Supplies with the Alice in Wonderland theme so you should have no trouble finding them.

Alice in Wonderland Kids Tea Party

More Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies

Alice in Wonderland Flowers

Some of the best places to pick up flowers to use at an Alice in Wonderland Tea party are thrift stores! Lots of people are getting rid of their old imitation flowers and you can pick these up at a bargain price. You can clip the flowers apart and have the kids make the party leighs! Just string them on to elastic cord and you can make necklaces and bracelets as a tea party craft.

If you can’t find any flowers at your local second hand store, try a dollar or discount store. Buying them in craft stores can be really pricey, so avoid it if possible if you are on a budget.

Costume jewellery is another great idea for themed birthday parties that involve girls - girls love dressup and costume jewellery can be expensive, your local thrift store may be just the ticket. Check often, items in thrift stores change day to day.

Alice in Wonderland Coloring Pages

Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies

As a take home in a goodie bag, you can print of some fabulous Alice in Wonderland Coloring Pages and make a custom coloring book! Add a few crayons to the party favour bag and you have a great take home activity. Kids love these and below are links to some of the best Alice in Wonderland Coloring pages on the web.

Alice In Wonderland Coloring Book This is a great site with easy to print Alice in Wonderland illustrations and pictures. Tons to choose from.

Alice In Wonderland Coloring Pages This is a Disney site with a good collection of Alice and the other characters to print and color. You can also color online if you wanted. Neat site.

Buy Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies

Free Shipping on Shindigz Orders $85+

Shindigz has tons of decorations, and is one of the best deals on the web. Visit their site for lots more decorating ideas.

You can always find colourful streamers, make a piñata fashioned after one of the characters, blow up the balloons with helium, and have bubble stations to make your tea party even more special.

I really like glitter sprinkled on the party tables as well. It makes the kids feel really special and if your tea party is outside and it’s sunny, the shimmer from the glitter is amazing.

Beware though, you will have glitter in your yard for months to come! We have some great offers on Ebay too, see a little further down the page.

Alice in Wonderland Puzzle

This is a terrific puzzle that could be used as tea party game. Some kids naturally love to do puzzles and just having this available on a side table is a nice touch at birthday party.

When the party is over, you could mount this beautiful puzzle on a puzzle board and your child would have it as a keepsake to remember their party. Great for decorating a childs bedroom too. This puzzle also makes a great family project and puzzles are under rated for a quiet time activity that does challenge your child and is great for dexterity and logical thought.

With 399 pieces, this one may take a few days to finish!

Alice In Wonderland Deck of Cards

Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies

You could really come up with some terrific games using decks of cards. Depending on the age of your party goers, they could build a house of cards or play go fish or any other card game. Lots of fun as a party supply or accessory to go with the Alice in Wonderland theme.

An Alice in Wonderland deck of cards is under rated in my opinion as a party favor or for playing party games. You can get really creative with these.

I have a friend who actually glued the deck of cards to their disposable plastic table cloth and used them as a party decoration! It was a huge hit, the kids loved them.

MUST HAVE Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies

Jumbo Garden Chess Set

Perfect for an Outdoor Garden Party

Create a sense of whimsy and transform your garden into an Alice in Wonderland dream with this Jumbo Garden Chess Set. Your guests and friends will have tons of fun playing chess with an oversize garden set. There are two different garden chess sets available from Amazon. The kids will be so amazed by the giant chess set, we have had terrific feedback on this item!! It won't let you down.

Centerpiece for Alice In Wonderland Party

There are many different things you could use for a centerpiece when you are planning an Alice in Wonderland themed party.

An Alice in Wonderland doll, stuffed toy or a Mad Hatter hat are just a few great ideas. I am sure you can come up with more of your own. A crazy tea pot is another idea that is often used.

You can glue the lid to the pot, and use the tea pot as a vase. A very unique centerpiece! Some of the easiest though are simply using a hats. Here are some examples available from Amazon. The Queen of Hearts is my favorite.

Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies - Centerpiece

Alice in Wonderland Tea

We have a fabulous organic tea that is perfect for your Alice in Wonderland theme party. Organic Fairytale is a blend of flowers and herbs that will please most people. Caffeine free and perfect for your tea party.
2 Oz Organic Fairytale-$11.75

Stuck for a Tea Party Cake?

This is an amazing little cake if you are stuck on what to do, visit our Tea Pot Cake page for a great Tea Pot cake recipe and instructions.

I also love this cheshire cat cake pan that is available from Amazon, you could have some fun with this.

I hope you found these tips useful and your Alice in Wonderland Tea Party goes of without a hitch.

Buy Alice Party Supplies

Ebay is an excellent source for finding Alice party favors and supplies. Here is what is being auctioned right now.


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