Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Decorations

by Dana Storms
(Pine Hill, NJ, USA)

Im planning on using poster board and construction paper and colored construction paper to make the heart soldiers, simply cut up the construction paper to make the face, hearts and number of the cards, then cutting a long strip with a foot at the end for the legs and fold it so it hangs like an accordian. I'm also taking an old top hat from a secondhand store and decorating it with ribbon, feathers and other odd bits to make a Mad Hatter hat. We're going to write the childrens names on pieces of paper and shake it up in the hat and whoever's name gets pulled out gets a prize. Were getting cupcakes and each one says "Eat me" and Hugs juice bottles with plain name tag stickers that say "Drink me" their perfect portions for the kids and it goes well with the theme. I'm taking some construction paper and cutting it in basically a pacman shape and stapling it together to make an obtuse cone like shape and putting it on top of toilet paper rolls and painting them to make little mushroom decorations, and poking small holes in the top to make a decorative lollipop holder.

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