Clean Out Your System and Lose Weight With Alfalfa

Alfalfa can make a unique tonic or tea with very interesting history. It was first given to Arabian racing horses as food.

When the Arabians discovered how swift and strong their horses were becoming after drinking the great herbal tonic, they decided to eat it as well!

After this, the herb became known as "The Father of all Foods", and for a good reason. It contains Vitamins A,E,K,B,D; iron; sodium; silicon; magnesium; phosphorus; and beta carotene. These essential amino acids give your body the energy it needs to go throughout daily life.

Weight Loss With Tea

I know the main reason someone would be looking at this page is as an aide in weight loss, so i'll get right to it!

It is a natural laxative which in turn reduces water retention, improves digestion, keeps your intestinal tract in tip-top shape, and cleans out your system. (Literally!)Read more about making the tea here.

Powerful Detox

If you ever heard of or tried those "detox systems" (most of which actually DO work, by the way) you'll notice that alfalfa is usually one of the main ingredients.

Weight loss comes easier in 2 ways. First, it cleans out your entire digestive tract and tightens it up, which improves the entire process. For people with bad digestion, they commonly have a "loose" digestive tract and not everything comes out, leaving you with extra weight and no energy. This simple herbal weight loss strategy really works!

Increased Energy Levels

Second, by getting everything cleaned out and working properly, you will notice having much more energy which means that your body will be burning more calories. This is in turn results in weight loss.

Natural Vitamin K

This herb also gives you an ample supply of Vitamin K, a vitamin critical for blood clotting, carbohydrate storage, liver vitality, and longevity.

Although Vitamin K is found in many foods, it is often eliminated in the body due to aspirin, alcohol, drugs, or any antibiotics.

Intestinal Disorders

In people with intestinal disorders, their bodies may be reducing the bodies ability to naturally make Vitamin K. Since this great herbal remedy helps to eliminate intestinal problems, I think we have a problem solved!

Note: If you have any type of autoimmune disorder, it is recommended that you don't take alfalfa as a tonic or tea. If you would like the benefits it gives but can't take it, feel free to e-mail me and I'll work with you to find something that will go hand-in-hand with your needs.

Alfalfa Tea

The tea or tonic is made as is any other herbal tea. For more information on this herb as a herbal tea, click here to read more and get a herbal tea recipe. We also have a complete page on Alfalfa Teas and the chronic disease that it will treat. Read it here.

Follow our Instructions on How to Make Herbal Tea and you will have success. One of the things you need to remember when making any weight loss tea or herbal remedy is the tea will only be as good and beneficial as the quality of the herb that you use. You must find a reliable source for organic high quality herbs. Fresh is always best.

Good Luck and I hope that Alfalfa Tea can help you with your desired weight loss or digestive tract results.

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