Agrimony - Herbal Tea

Agrimony Tea

Agrimony, commonly known as Church Steeple due to its tall flowering stalk is not used as often today as it was traditionally in herbal medicine over the years.

This herb can be found commonly growing in the woods and fields of the United States, Canada and Europe and can be spotted by its 1 – 2 foot stalks that bloom with yellow flowers.

If you find them late in the season it is possibly due to the burs clinging to your clothing. Once the flowers have bloomed they are replaced with burrs. Ahh... now we know what that plant is!

Agrimony - Church's Steeple Herbal Tea

The flowers and leaves of the plant have a slight smell of lemons, both pleasant to the sight and smell. This common herb can be harvested from the wild (known as organic wildcrafted) in bundles and hung upside down to dry for use in herbal teas, lotions and washes.

Agrimony Herbal Remedies & Church Steeple Teas

Agrimony Tea Benefits

A herbal tea made of Church Steeple or, drank daily is said to promote healthy blood and revive the body after a cold or fever. Drinking the tea is also said to aid in liver ailments and jaundice.

Drinking a cup of Agrimony tea a day for several days can also help to ease diarrhea in adults and children; breastfeeding mothers can drink the herbal tea to help the infant suffering from diarrhea by passing the qualities of the herb through breast milk.

It can also be used in facial washes for its astringent qualities to dry up excessive oils and help control acne as well as a cure for athlete’s foot.

Church Steeple placed on wounds is said to help coagulate blood and stop the bleeding.

Church Steeple Folklore

History and old wives tales from years gone by state Churches Steeple was used by witches to ward off hexes and negative energy.

Church Steeple Tea Cautions

Caution must be made when using Church Steeple internally as it is an astringent and care must be made when taken internally while constipated. There are some side effects you should be aware of.

Avoid internal use while pregnant as Church Steeple has been known to affect the menstrual cycle. It will cross into breast milk and therefore care should be taken by nursing mothers who ingest the herb for its effect on the breast feeding infant.

Persons taking an anti-coagulant or having high or low blood pressure should seek the advice of their health care provider before internal use of this herb.

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