Acai Tea

Acai Berry Tea Blends

Acai tea is a fruit based tea or herbal tea fusion when blended with other traditional tea leaves like green tea, white tea or black tea. It is also often blended with matcha green tea powder as a powerful antioxidant or detox tea.

Fruit infused teas, especially Acai Berry Tea, are very delicious and make excellent dessert or afternoon teas.

The health benefits of acai make it an excellent choice when looking for a nice fruit infused tea.

Acai Tea

There are several acai berry tea blends available online. The flavor has become one of my personal favorite, and all the health benefits of acai make it a great health tea.

Tropical Acai Berry 20 tea bags: K

Acai Berry Green Tea Bags

Celebration Herbals makes a nice acai berry green tea bag that you can buy online. Celebration has been around for years and though I don't really like tea bags, these are handy if you find yourself on the move. There are 24 teabags to a box, and they sell for about $5.50 USD a box. You can buy Celebration Herbals - Acai Berries with Green Tea by clicking here.

Another branded acai berry green tea in a bag is made by Celestial Seasonings. If you are looking for a good priced acai green tea bags, these are a good deal. You get 120 tea bags, (6 boxes of acai berry green tea 20 count) for about $17.71 USD. So this works out to less than $3 per box. You can buy Green Tea Tropical Acai Berry Tea Bags by clicking here.

Acia Berry Tea Blends

One of my favorite ways to get a premium acai berry tea at a fraction of the cost is to blend my own. I get dried acai berries from my local health food store, and then blend it with a loose tea of choice. You can buy premium loose teas in our Tea Store. My personal favorites are blending acai berries with peony white tea, or any one of the oolong teas we offer for sale. It is truly a delicous way to get a high end tea at a fraction of the price.

Teavana - Acai Berry Blends

Teavana - Free Shipping on orders over $50
If you are looking for premium loose teas, and those professionally infused with acai, you need to look no further than my favorite supplier, Teavana their tea is top quality, USDA Organic certified, and the selection will boggle your mind.

They have free shipping on orders over $50 and it is pretty easy to do!! Visit Teavana, amazing loose tea.

The Acai Imperial White Loose Tea offered by Teavana. It is a blueberry, acai berry blend and is a must try for any tea lover.

Acai berry teas are one of the newer tea blends. Master tea blenders have created some amazing infusions using this natural antioxidant. You can even purchase bottled kombucha tea that is infused with acai berries. Delicious - but it can set you back almost 4 dollars for a single serving bottle.

The cosmetic industry has also taken notice of the benefits of tea and acai and there are several facial masks that detoxify, and provide much needed nutrients to our skin. The typical ingredients in these facial masks are matcha green tea powder and acai. Sephora is the main suppliers of this fabulous beauty product.

There are many, many suppliers that offer acai tea blends. Mighty Leaf, Teavana and Stash are some of the more popular or common. If you know of a tea shop that has a master tea blender on site, I am sure that they will have some creative tea blends that incorporate acai as well, just ask. Tea shops are usually happy to let you taste and/or smell the infusion before you buy to make sure you get what you were shopping for.

Acai is native to South America and is a berry produced by the acai palm. Natives make an acai drink by pulverizing the berries and it is traditionally served in a gourd.

Many health food and nutritional suppliers now offer powdered acai berry and matcha green tea caplets or supplements. These are offered by several suppliers as a weight loss product, nutritional and wellness product and detox supplement.

Acai tea is also now available as bottled iced tea under the branding of serval large iced tea suppliers. It is often blended in iced teas with other 'dark' berries such as blueberry acai, or blackberry acai. I have also found hibiscus tea that is infused with acai and it is lovely served hot or iced.

More Acai Berry Information

We have lots of articles about Acai Berries for you to learn more and we are always adding to our site, so check back often. Here are some of our top articles:

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