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Some people may be wondering if acai side effects are something to worry about. Like any food or herb, there is always potential for allergic reactions, that would be the #1 cause of concern. Some people have a low tolerance for certain types of foods and herbs. Acai berries are actually a complete food source, packed full of vitamins, minerals, protein, omega fatty acids, and fiber.... Yes, all of this in one litte berry called acai.

The acai berry has been ingested by humans and animals for 1000's of years, and other than allergies, it is a safe food source in it's pure form, from the Brazilian Rain Forests, where the acai berry grows.

Acai Berry Research

There has been some studies done on the acai berry, however you need to remember that most studies are done by pharmaceutical companies, so a pure food source like acai is not high on their list.

The first study done in North America on the acai berry was published in 2004... yup that recent, and those same Dr.'s have gone on to produce another article that was published in in October of 2008. You can actually read the article here.

I am not going to direct you to fad sites or untrusting resources for acai berry research. Sites such as Science Daily can be trusted that the studies and research actually took place.

From reading the article there are no acia side effects mentioned... however I still caution those who are sensitive to food.

Health Benefits of Acai

This particular study (and one of the only acai berry research documents available) notes that the acai berry is packed with all kinds of great nutrients, which some of us already knew.

The interesting thing in my opionion is that they have confirmed that our bodies are actually absorbing all this great stuff. The study of course was done with pure acai juice or pulp and acai berries themselves. (not supplements or powders).

This research is continuing to determine if the health benefies of acai are restricted or capped by our bodies. Like vitamin C for instance, once your body has had enough, the rest just passes through.

So, we will have to wait and see what the outcome is in their next study and if any acai side effects are noted.

More Acai Berry Information

We have started to compile some excellent, credible articles on the acai berry and all its qualities and beneftis. Here are some of our top visited acai berry information articles:


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