Acai Berry Supplements

All about Acai & Weight Loss

The acai berry is now being processed and made into acai berry supplements for those who want to get the health benefits of acai in a capsule or supplement form.

Making Acai Supplements

The acai berries are harvested from the acai palm in various areas of South America where the acai plant or palm grows wild. It is no easy task to harvest the berries as the trunks of the acai palm are tall and smooth.

acai supplements

Local residents harvest the acai berries, which grow in clusters similar to grapes but on a much larger scale by climbing the smooth trunks of the acai palm. Just to reach the berries is an art itself, and the local residents make the task of scaling the smooth long trunk of the acai palm look like a walk in the park. If you or I tried, I am sure we would not make it too far up before sliding back down!

The berries are harvested when they are not quite ripe - ripe acai berries are very soft and contain a large quantity of juice in each of the little berries in the cluster. While the acai berry ripens, the skin of the berry becomes softer and more easily pierced the riper the berry gets.

The berries are then shipped and the process of turning them into a supplement or capsule begins. The simplified process of a pure acai supplement is simply the drying of the berries on a large scale, and then processing the dried berries into a fine powder or concentrate by grinding.

The capsules and acai berry supplements are often in a ‘gelatin capsule’ which when ingested dissolves, and our bodies can very easily absorb the concentrated acai berry powder and obtain all the great health benefits. However, it is possible to purchase acai berry powder, which can be used in smoothies, health drinks and other recipes.

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Acai Supplements and Weight Loss

The acai berry capsules can really help boost your bodies metabolism - and in turn help your body to burn more calories. Acai also helps to remove toxins and free radicals, so your health impoves, your metabolism increases and the weight starts to come off. If you add a healthy diet and excercise to the mix - the weight loss will really be maximized. The use of acai berry supplements for weight loss is becoming very popular.

More Acai Berry Information

We have lots more information on the Acai Berry on our site, here are some of the most popular articles posted at this time. Check back often, we are continually adding more information about this amazing berry as it comes available.


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