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Sep 07, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Feb 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

While fesearching anti-inflammatory foods, I did find one study that said not to drink green tea witin two hours of omega 3's. I wish it had said why, but it didn't.

Thanks for the info - I suspected that they should not be taken together as the tea would flush the omega 3's from the system if taken as an oil - like fish oil.

Interesting - where did you find the research? It would be nice to put the link here so others could read it as well.


Oct 01, 2009
Green Tea and Omega 3's
by: Teya - Admin

Hi and thanks for the question!!

Okay - what I know about green tea (and I am not a herbalist or medical doctor) is that it does help to flush fats from our system. This is why you see all the diets for Wu Long and Oolong Tea, the tea increases metabolism and helps you to burn fat.

Now consuming green tea and omega 3 supplements together may cause a lesser amount of the omega 3's to enter the body, but it also may not.

To be sure you are getting maximum omega 3 supplement absorbtion into your body, I would just take the supplements at a different time than you drink your tea.

I have not heard of it being a problem, but this would help if there was reduced absorbtion from the tea.

You could also ask a herbalist or your medical practitioner their opinion.

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