Pick An Iced Green Tea Recipe And Drink To Your Health!

If you want a fabulous iced green tea recipe or two that you'd like to try out, you've come to the right place. I've gathered some different recipes from different places, all of which are fantastic.

We all know how good hot tea is, but have you ever tried it cold? Great for the summertime or even if you'd just like something different for a change, these recipes will quench your thirst like no other!

Here is a great iced green tea recipe for you to try.


*cups green tea (chilled)
*2 cups white grape juice (chilled)
*6 tablespoons of squeezed lime juice
*Ice Cubes
*Sugar if you prefer it, but this is optional and up to your taste


1) Pour the green tea, white grape juice, and lime juice into a container. Stir well and add sugar if you'd like.

2) Put some ice cubes in a glass, and pour in the mixture of green tea, white grape juice, and lime juice. If you like garnishes, feel free to add some lime wedges to your drink.

Here is another wonderful iced green tea recipe if your a fan of peaches!.


*6 cups Brewed Green Tea
*Can of organic sliced peaches (or 1 real peach sliced)


1) Brew 6 cups of green tea by adding 6 tea bags of green tea (or 6 teaspoons if your using leaves) and seep in 6 cups of water for about 5 minutes.

2) Remove the tea bags or leaves, depending on what you were using.

3) After making the hot green tea, pour it into a pitcher and add the peaches. Chill for a few hours, and enjoy!

Here is an iced green tea recipe that is from better homes and gardens and has gotten very good reviews.


*12 cups water
*1/4 cup sugar (but I suggest replacing sugar with honey)
*3 inches fresh ginger, peeled and thinly sliced
*12-16 green tea bags
*Limes (quartered)
*Orange peel strips
*Ice Cubes

Note: As you will see, the strawberries, limes and oranges are for decorating purposes. You can use as much or little as you'd like.


1) In a large saucepan combine water, sugar, and ginger. Bring to a boil and reduce heat. Simmer for 5 minutes and remove from heat. Then add the tea bags, let stand covered for 3 minutes. Remove the tea bags, then strain and discard the ginger.

2) Put your tea into a 1 gallon pitcher or punch bowl. Cover, and let cool for about an hour. I would suggest letting it chill for a little longer however, just to make sure your drinking "iced tea" and not "kind of cold" tea. I would suggest at least 6 hours, but preferably at least 12.

3) Meanwhile, alternate your strawberries, lime quarters, and orange peel strips on a 12 inch wooden skewer. Place this inside your pitcher or bowl for decoration. You'll also get a small amount of flavor from the fruits as well.

4) When everything is ready, pour your iced tea over ice cubes and enjoy!

This makes about 12 8oz. servings

Another Great Iced Green Tea Recipe I found


*2 cups water
*1 cup Splenda low-calorie sweetener (I hate sugar but you can't use honey for this recipe. Go for less sugar if you can help it.)
*1 teaspoon ground ginger
*1 1/2 teaspoons grated lemon peel
*6 bags of green tea (or 6 ounces of leaves)
*4 teaspoons fresh lemon juice

How To Make It:

1) Put water, splenda, ginger, and lemon peel in a medium sized saucepan, and bring to a boil over medium heat. Reduce the heat so it's a gentle boil, and cook for about 7-8 minutes. Remove from heat and add the green tea, then steep for about 10 minutes. Make sure to move the tea around a little so it diffuses everywhere in the mixture. (If you are using whole tea leaves, make sure to put the leaves in some type of strainer so they aren't floating around your mixture everywhere!)

2) Remove the tea, then put the 4 teaspoons of lemon juice into the mixture. Now its time to cover and chill your brew!

3) To make a glass of this, pour 1/4 cup of your tea mixture into a glass, followed by 3/4 cup of sparkling water, seltzer water, or club soda. Add ice cubes and you have yourself a delicious drink full of health benefits!

So now you have a great iced green tea recipe that you'll want to try, but you still need the ingredients!

You'll need one of these 2:

Loose leaf high-quality tea for your iced green tea recipe!


Tea bags for your iced green tea recipe!

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