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Texada Island Tea Company
August 20, 2011
Dear Friend,

Signature brand tea PREORDERS are underway!! Experience Loose Organic Tea that tastes out of this world.

We have finally got our own line of tea! This is no ordinary tea and each of our blends is hand chosen for the pickiest of tea drinkers.

These are simply amazing - and all are ORGANIC. We are not offering any tea that is not organic or loose leaf at this time.

It has been a process to review and chose the tea that will form our collection and when the intitial offering is finalized, we will have about 20 teas to choose from. We will add to this collection as we go and are excited to have opened the PREORDERS for the first shipment which will go to PREORDER CUSTOMERS on September 12.

The pre-order customers will get FREE SHIPPING.

We know you will love this tea. The aroma of the loose tea, the high quality and superior tastes have allowed each tea into our collection.

We are shipping 2 ounce packages at this time - each pouch will make about 30 cups or 20 teapots of tea. This will ensure the freshness of our products. We don't want a bunch of tea sitting on peoples shelves!

These are unique and special teas. Organic Kashmiri Chai and Fairytale are two must tries! and the Ginger Sencha is delicious.

We are currently loading the tea store pages - View the Selection here!

Please take advantage of pre-order FREE SHIPPING and begin a tea journey into a line of premium teas at affordable prices!

Cheers, Teya

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