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Summers End Is Near - Get In Your Iced Tea While You Still Want It!
August 26, 2007
Before I say anything, I'd like to say that this will look a lot better as the weeks go by. I'm not the most "technically savvy" person so I'm not very good at making graphics or anything like that online :)


School is starting again, and the summer is coming to a quick end. This summer wasn't the hottest I've ever seen but it still called for lots and lots of iced tea.

With school starting (and thankfully my final year), I'll be drinking more hot tea because I sometimes get a little stressed and drink tea that is suited for helping you de-stress. That kind of tea works very well for relieving your stress by the way, if you ever want to try it.

Anyway, if you're like me you didn't get to do all you wanted to do this summer, such as try new iced tea recipes. I've been unbelievably busy the entire summer, even though this is the time of year that's supposed to be vacation!

One thing I did get done however is add a few pages to my website that deal with iced tea recipes. There are some iced green tea recipes, iced tea recipes with other types of tea, and even some long island iced tea recipes.

Here are 2 pages you can check out for some ideas on iced tea recipes.


Check them out and make a deal with yourself that you'll try a few of those recipes before it gets so cold you don't even want iced tea!


PS - Sometimes it's a pain making iced tea. If you want to simplify the process, check out my page review on the Mr Coffee Ice Tea Maker

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