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Green Tea Diets Page Added!
September 11, 2007
I haven't added a new page in quite awhile because I've been diligently working on my other website,

By the way, you can sign up for the Fitness Made Fun newsletter here - Fitness Made Fun Newsletter

Please sign up :)

Anyway, I have 2 announcements today.

1) I just uploaded a new page that I wrote about Green Tea Diets. This page deals with the dangers of people following fad diets and not living a healthy lifestyle. Please take a look at it at

Also, feel free to send me some feedback on how you like it.

2) I'm going to be uploading a picture of myself on the homepage of It's probably going to be one of my and my girlfriend on a recent hiking trip we were on. I just have to get her permission first to put her picture on there :)

If not, it'll probably be one when my and my mom hiked a 3,500 mountain a few weeks ago in Massachusetts and got some incredible pictures. That one was quite a story.

3) I'm going to start a referral program. The rules are this: If you refer a friend to this newsletter, you'll get $5 off your next purchase from Adagio Teas. All you have to do is write me an e-mail using my Contact page (or reply back to an e-mail) and let me know you referred somebody. I'll check my stats to make sure it's true, and promptly send you a $5 gift certificate.

How's that sound? Easy enough?

As always, if you need any questions answered or would like to give me feedback about anything, please do.

Time for me to go workout before I start studying.

Have a great day!


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