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Start Your New Year with Herbal Tea
January 03, 2010
Dear Tea Lover,

Hi, Teya here from

Well, its a new year! Happy New Year to you all. Crazy For Tea has had some tremendous growth over the last year and we are happy and excited to move into 2010.

We are now one of the most popular resources for herbal tea recipes, herbal tea benefits and buying your tea herbs.

We have secured excellent tea herbs for you to purchase through Mountain Rose Herbs, so dig out those recipes and get ready to have a healthy and happy 2010 with herbal tea.

Don't forget that we have 100's of tea recipes on our site, and you can reach them by herb by visiting our Herbal Tea Recipes section.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

Mountain Rose has a sale on empty Press and Seal Tea bags at the moment, so you can make up your herbal teas to go, or for personalized gifts during the year. They are 15% off at the moment.

You can also buy a few extra herbs or loose teas from them as well. Most are organic and wholesale pricing is available.

Wishing you good fortune and a Happy 2010.


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