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Crazy for Tea - Update & Oolong Tea Offering
October 17, 2009
Dear Tea Lover,

Hi, Teya here from

Hi there,

Teya here from Crazy for Tea.

For those of you who want to try authentic oolong tea (the weight loss tea) and have shunned away due to the high prices, we have just lowered our price by 30%

We were able to swing a deal with the supplier, and have a limited number of 125gram packages of loose leaf oolong tea.

It is great stuff, I have been drinking it now for a week, and done no other changes to my diet and lost 3lbs!!

I know its not a ton, but after a month I will be happy to loose an extra 10lbs!!

So, I only have a limited supply at this price and thought I would share it with my readers first.

Here is the link:

Buy Authentic Oolong for $13.98

I did have this for sale for $19.98 and was moving alot of product, so now that I can offer it at $13.98 I am really happy. This tea compares to those who are asking $30 plus for 125 grams.

125 grams will last you a full month if you rebrew using an infuser or tea strainer.

Feel free to share the offer with others who may be interested.

Like I said, I only have a limited supply and since I posted the changes this morning to the price, I have alreadys sold more than 20% of the shipment (with no advertising!!)

So take advantage and don't miss out.


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