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March 2, 2007 22:41 - America Is Catching On

I think America and other "non-tea drinking countries" are finally starting to catch on to the fact that green tea should be consumed much more than it is. While other countries around the world have been drinking it for centuries and places like Japan and China average 3-4 cups of tea per person per day, a survey in America showed that 7/10 people said they drink green tea rarely or never.

Although the beginning and end of that sentence are different points of view, I mean that America is catchin on because many of the major companies in America are starting to publish more and more studies about the health benefits of green tea (as well as other types of tea). It's just a matter of time before people in the United States wise up and start drinking more of it.

Here is a new article published by MSN that shows exactly what I'm talking about - Click here to read

Drink Up,


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March 6, 2007 08:34 - Living The Tea Lifestyle

Another article I wrote called "How To Live Longer In 15 Minutes A Day" is starting to be published by some of the article directories around the web.

This article was written about what I call the "tea lifestyle" and is something everybody should include as part of their daily routine. Although I spend much more time than 15 minutes per day doing the things I talk about in the article, that's about all you need to get started and see a dramatic change in your life.

The tea lifestyle is the lifestyle used by many of the worlds highest living countries, including Japan and specifically the island of Okinawa, which you've probably heard me talk about before. If not, check out

Anyway, check the article out for yourself and tell me what you think. You can find it at

I'm off to write a 7 page case study on the abnormal psychology of Ernest Hemingway now. This should be fun.

Drink Up,


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March 7, 2007 11:57 - Another Sale From Dragonwater

The company dragonwater, one of my affiliates, has just announced that they finally have the power to move to a big warehouse so they will shortly be increasing their inventory by a large number.

In order to celebrate that they've decided to put a tea on special that very, very rarely goes on sale.

Here is the description of them:

Jasmine Silver Balls Tea. Entirely handmade, special grade green tea woven into small silver balls and scented with Jasmine blossoms. Unfolds into a chrysanthemum like flower on infusion.

Jasmine Silver Balls are hand rolled and hand tied. The method used to make these special Jasmine tea balls starts with specially selected tea leaves; ones that are long and silvery indicating a very early new season tea. Leaves of this quality are rare and only available 2-3 weeks each year.

The leaves are tied together and the center leaves are cut leaving the outer leaves long. They are then carefully and painstakingly rolled into a tight ball before a gentle steaming. The newly formed silver balls are dried with fresh jasmine flowers which give the tea its delicate flavor and aroma through the traditional scenting process.

Upon infusion, the silver ball opens up into a chrysanthemum flower with long petals on the outside and short petals on the inside. Best when infused in a glass cup. Flower may form upside down, view from bottom as well. The chrysanthemum symbolizes tranquility, beauty, longevity, and health.

Use 1 silver ball in a tall glass (6-10oz) or small teapot. Heat water until steaming. Steep for 3 minutes. Leave newly formed flower in glass, add more water as needed.

Make sure you get these before they aren't on special anymore. For the great price they currently have them at, you can't beat it.

You can pick them up here - Jasmine Silver Balls

Drink Up,


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March 12, 2007 22:02 - Like Wine Tastings? How About Tea Tastings!

I'm sure you've heard of companies having wine tastings to promote their new (or old) wine and try to increase sales.

I remember when I was a bus-boy at the restaurant I work at now (I'm a server now) they had a wine tasting and I was jealous because I love wine as well as tea. I also like good beer as well, but strictly good beer. I find beer such as Coors Light and Miller Light to be absolutely disgusting and literally can't even drink it.

As you can tell, i'm a big fan of drinks.

Anyway, while Europe and the United States has wine tastings that go around the country, India thought they would challenge that notion and promote tea tastings! They are doing this for 2 reasons:

1) They obviously want people to try out their tea and enjoy the amazing health benefits of tea.

2) They are trying to promote tourism in order to increase the revenue to the country.

If anybody lives in or around India, make sure you stop by a tea tasting and try some of the teas for me!

Drink Up,


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March 15, 2007 17:10 - Wash Your Meat With Tea!

In today's food market, every "must" be treated with all kinds of chemicals to keep it fresh and to reduce the pathogens it contains. The days of fresh food are long gone, unless you grow them yourself of course.

All the meat, vegetables and fruit you buy today have dozens of different chemicals soaked into them to help preserve them and keep them nice and fresh for your to eat. However, the chemicals they use are foreign to your body and therefore you shouldn't be ingesting them if you can avoid it.

Well I guess it's a good thing researchers know about the amazing benefits of tea then!

Researchers from Kansas City University have found that by using a tea and honey combination to use as a surface washing medium to wash your meats and vegetables with, it can seriously reduce the amount of Listeria monocytogenes and E. coli O157:H7 bacteria the food contains.

What does that mean for you?

Well if this idea catches on (and hopefully processors will be smart enough to do it) then you will be able to buy meats and vegetables that are washed with tea and honey instead of lactic acid.

Not only does the tea/honey mix provide you with a more natural piece of food, but also with an extended shelf life and less chance of getting sick.

I'll stay hopeful that this method of washing meat goes through and becomes national, but I have a feeling it's going to come down a money issue. Let's just hope they care more about our health than spending a little extra money.

Drink Up,


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March 17, 2007 08:08 - New Products From Dragonwater

Like I mentioned a few days ago, the company Dragonwater has just moved into new warehouses and therefore has more room to carry better products. They've updated their listings and have added a bunch of new teas, which are all listed below.

Make sure to check out each tea and try a new one!

* 9 Bend Black Dragon - A famous black tea fed by the 9 Bend River. (Black

* Black Lemon - Black tea with lemon peels and lemon flavoring. (Black Tea)

* Kangaroo Lapsang Tea - An exciting new Lapsang whose fields were once inhabited
by shipwrecked kangaroos. (Black Tea)

* Keemun Panda #1 - Tastewise, Keemun Panda #1 is considered matchless, a
flavor that almost sings. (Black Tea)

* Lapsang Zhivago - Lapsang named for the author of Dr Zhivago who adored the
tea. (Black Tea)

* Mt Everest Blend - Classic blend of peppery Yunnan and hearty Assam teas.
The perfect breakfast blend. (Black Tea)

* Jasmine Yin-Hao - A white-tipped downy green tea delicately scented with
Jasmine blossoms. (Green Tea)

* Wuyi Green - Grown on the steep mountainsides overlooking the Nine Bend
river, this tea takes on a colorful, almost wild green tea taste. (Green Tea)

* Zhejiang Mao Feng - From the historic tea gardens of Zhejiang province in
China, this Mao Feng green tea has golden cup and a delightfully fresh, clean
taste. (Green Tea)

* Khartoum Hibiscus (Organic) - An absolute delight for the hibiscus lover,
this organic version grown in Egypt has an amazingly large, full leaf and a cup
overflowing with flavor. (Herbal Tea)

* Anxi Oolong - A delicately sweet Oolong produced in the Anxi region of China.
(Oolong Tea)

* Hairy Crab Oolong - A refreshing oolong tea named for it's fine downy hair
covered leaves. (Oolong Tea)

* Hunan Red Oolong - Haunting, full-bodied oolong with a reddish cup. (Oolong

* Poobong Black Musk - Rare, top grade Oolong. (Oolong Tea)

* Queen's China Oolong - Top grade Chinese Oolong. (Oolong Tea)

* Super Butterfly Wuyi - Rare China oolong from the Wuyi mountains. (Oolong

* Golden Pu-erh - A very special treat for pu-erh lovers. This Golden Pu-erh
has been aged for five years in a dark cave in the Yunnan province. (Pu-erh

* Large Tuo Cha - Large, 100g, pu-erh tuo cha cake. (Pu-erh Tea)

* Champagne Oolong - Rare, top grade Oolong, entirely handmade, surprisingly
sweet and elegant. An unforgettable tea. (Oolong Tea)

* Mate Cancheada (Organic) - Organic Green Mate with a large, broken leaf.
(Yerba Mate Tea)

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March 19, 2007 19:44 - This Recipe Sounds Fantastic

I was just browsing around looking for some good recipes and came across this 1. I think I'm going to go order some Keemun tea and try it out. I'll update you when I try it.

Tea-Sauced Scallops With Orange, Soy and Honey


*2 tablespoons fruity olive oil
*1 large clove garlic
*1 pound sea scallops
*juice of 1 large orange
*1 tablespoon Keemun tea leaves (if unavailable, use Assam black tea leaves)
*2 teaspoons light soy sauce
*1 tablespoon honey
*About 3/4 pound of linguine or chinese noodles
*Scallions or cilantro - just to make it look pretty

Put the olive oil in a pan and heat until it's very hot (almost smoking). Then add garlic and stir for a few seconds. Now put the scallops in the pan, cooking for about 2 minutes on each side. Take the scallops out and put them in some type of small bowl to keep them warm.

With the scallops removed it's time to add the orange juice. Make sure you stir it around so any brown particles that are stuck to the pan will come off, but keep them in there. Now add the tea leaves and cook them for about 30 seconds or so.

Add the soy sauce, honey, and the juice from your bowl of scallops. Don't put the scallops back in though. Cook this liquid on low heat until the sauce thickens a little bit.

Now grab a piece of cookingware that's fine meshed and pour the liquid mixture through it, into another bowl. Take the strained liquid from the bowl and pour it back into the pan again. Stick a finger in (don't burn yourself) and taste - adding any seasoning if you think it's needed.

Coat the scallops in the sauce and serve over the pasta. Then put your scallions or chopped cilantro over and it's time to enjoy!

Recipe from "Cooking With Tea" by Robert Wemishener and Diana Rosen

Per serving: 322 calories, 24 grams protein, 8 grams fat, 1 gram saturated fat, 36 grams carbohydrate, 2 grams fiber, 37 milligrams cholesterol, 335 milligrams sodium

Serves 4 people

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March 26, 2007 12:54 - Great News For Tea Lovers!

With the rise of knowledge in the health benefits of tea growing exponentially across the world, tea companies are needing to step-up in terms of keeping the production of tea at a maximum.

I can only hope that my website has been educating a lot of people about the amazing health benefits of tea and I hope I've converted both non tea drinkers into tea drinkers, as well as coffee drinkers into tea drinkers.

Anyway, India is ramping up their production big-time in the next few years. According to the Union Minister of State for Commerce, Jairam Ramesh, starting in November India will be replanting and bringing back to life many or all of the tea bushes they currently have.

What does that mean?

Well according to him, they're expecting an increase of 50% of the tea production they currently have! That's one big leap, especially to do it in only 5 years.

The bulk of this new tea planting will be conducted in Assam, which is considered the heart of tea production in India.

Assam is a great tea by the way, I was literally just finishing a cup of it before I read this article.

Hopefully they'll not only use the extra money to make even more tea, but also to further educate people about it's health benefits. At least that's what I'd do if it were my money.

Let's hope this production of tea causes an even greater need for it. Everyone in the world will be healthy!

Drink Up,


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