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February 4, 2007 14:07 - Can Tea Help You Live Longer After A Heart Attack?

Research has already proven that drinking tea helps reduce heart attacks, but what about those that have already had a heart attack?

The study was done with 1,900 participants, consisting mainly those in their 60's. The participants were questioned about 4 days after suffering a heart attack and were instructed to report the amount of caffeine they consumed on an average week. After this they were seperated into 3 groups: Those who drank more than 14 cups of tea per week (heavy drinkers), those who drank less than 14 cups per week (moderate drinkers), and those who never drank tea.

The results they came back with were astonishing. Heavy tea drinkers had a 44% lower death rate within 3.5 years after their heart attacks than non-tea drinkers. Moderate tea drinks were shown to have a 28% lower death rate than those who didn't drink tea. These results were reported in an issue of Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association in the May issue.

Dr. Kenneth J. Mukamal of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center was surprised at the amazing results they found. Says Mukamal, "The heaviest tea drinkers had a significantly lower mortality rate than non tea-drinkers."

Just remember that to get the cardiovascular health benefits from tea you shouldn't add milk. Try putting honey or lemon in your tea if you don't like it plain.

Drink Up,


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February 8, 2007 08:33 - New Drink Enviga Getting Sued For False Claims

The Center for Science in the Public Interest filed suit Tuesday against Coca-Cola and Nestle, alleging the companies are making fraudulent claims for it's new drink Enviga.

It's being marketed as a calorie burner, but the Connecticut attorney general just isn't buying it, calling it "voodoo nutrition".

Enviga claims it's not just a low calorie drink, but a negative calorie drink. This means that the more you drink, the more calories you lose. From what they say, I believe they're right, but I still don't trust anything from Coca-Cola and Nestle just because they're a large manufacturer. How do I know they're not lying that it has no calories?

The 2 reasons it supposedly speeds metabolism is because it contains caffeine and EGCG, which have already been proven to speed metabolism in high-quality tea. For this reason, I believe them when they say it's a negative calorie drink but to their claims as to exactly how much it burns, I wouldn't trust anything they say.

So how much were they trying to steal from your wallet per can? $1.50, just to burn 50 calories. That means that if it in fact does work, you would be paying about $315 to burn one pound of fat. Pretty ridiculous in my mind - I know I don't have that kind of money to waste.

There are many better ways to spend that $315. For example where I live that could buy a year in the gym. It could also buy a whole lot of nice fresh organic food to eat. And of course, considering the average cup of tea is only about 10-15 cents (we'll go with 15 just so I can prove my point better) that would be 10 years worth of high-quality, health enhancing tea.

You can make up your own mind as to what you think is a better deal, but I think i'll stick with my tea.

Drink Up,


PS - Want to know a real negative calorie drink, that also has dozens of other health benefits and cancer fighting chemicals too? I'll give you a hint...tea!

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February 12, 2007 21:41 - Why Tea Will Be The Worlds Most Popular Drink In 10-20 Years

I'm only going to do a quick blog about this because as soon as I'm done I will be writing a full article on it. I have a strong feeling about this and hopefully my predictions will be right on.

My prediction is that in the next 10-20 years, the people in the world today are going to go through some HUGE changes. One of them, I believe, will be that tea is going to be overwhelmingly popular. Not just to eastern countries, but western as well. Why is this?

Although the world is getting fatter at the present moment, there are hints of a changing reality. With the movie "The Secret" that just came out, flocks of people are starting to see the reality that the law of attraction is governing their lives in every way, and they are therefore starting to react to it to better their lives.

Not only is the self development industry absolutely booming, but so is the health industry. Millions of people everyday are trying to better their health, and what do the majority of healthy people drink (or should drink)? - Tea!

I will elaborate much more in my article, which I'll post a link to as soon as it gets accepted by an article directory. Check back in a few days.

Update - Here is the article live on the web from one of the various article publishers it's gotten published by. Click Here To See It

Drink Up,


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