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I am a tea enthusiast - especially Herbal Tea! There is a tremendous amount of information on our site and its purpose is to be educational and informative. If you are a new tea lover - you will be educated and amazed at the power of tea, and experienced tea lovers can always learn something new. So welcome to my journey about the world of tea, I hope you will come along for the ride.

Herbal - or tea derived from steeping herbs can become one of the most useful wellness & healing tools that you can use to maintain optimum health and wellness in your life. We have 100's of recipes for making tea from specific herbs - the medicinal and healing qualitites of those herbs and traidional teas. Not to mention that herbal tea can be very very tasty! (Peppermint tea blends are some of my personal favorites)

You will find tons of useful information that has taken years to compile! Please bookmark our site, or add it to your favorites - it has become one of the best resources for herbal blended teas available on the web.

Herbal Tea, Black Tea, Kombucha Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Loose Tea who can keep all the fabulous teas available today straight! It is the second most consumed beverage in the world - and it is second only to water!

Tea has tremendous healing capabilities, and now more than ever our readers are looking for information on how to heal with tea. Think of your herbal teas as a wellness aid or health tonic. From there, your journey will evolve as you learn the different aspects of the many teas that can assist us with living a healthy lifestyle. In no time you will find yourself returning to our site and grabbing a few more recipes and experimenting yourself with herbs and tea flavours that suit you and your needs.

Personally, I believe that tea is a powerful healing tool and just a great beverage! Hot tea on a cold day and ice tea on a hot day - it is a drink that can be modified and changed like the seasons and your personal needs. A good black tea and a biscuit - lemon ice tea and a fruit salad - you see my point - pairing tea is easy to do. Some of my favorite teas are Spice Tea like the famous Chai's, black teas, red teas and herbal teas.... we cover them all, including how to brew tea a useful tips and tricks guide.

Tea Benefits - Tea for Health

Loose Tea is an ancient healer, I keep this thought with me all the time as I explore and experience all the wonderful organic teas I have tried. You can even take advantage of buying herbs and teas at wholesale prices, just visit our tea herbs supplier. The culture and history of tea in itself is truly amazing.

Tea Benefits never seem to end. Each and every tea (and there are 1000's) have some beneficial properties for us. Herbal tea has been used through out time to heal us and provide comfort and peace.

Well I'm here to educate you about what I think is one of the best ways to prevent illness, promote good health and weight loss and that is by drinking tea!

Herbal Tea

People been drinking it for dozens of centuries before studies could ever prove it was good for them. They just knew! That gives a small hint towards how amazing herbal teas and tonics are. Some of the old herbal tea recipes and remedies are the very best for some of the most common ailments still affecting us today. There is literally a tea for most conditions and ailments.Orange Based Teas are one of my favorite herbal blends.

Benefits of Tea

It is the second most consumed drink in the world (only next to water) because it has many medicinal qualities! Throughout this website you will learn how teas (herbals) have been proven to help:

  • strengthen the immune system
  • fight disease
  • give you more energy
  • healthier skin
  • slow down the aging process
  • enhance mental clarity
  • reduce blood pressure
  • and much more!

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Gourmet Tea Information

The plant from which true tea leaves comes from, the camellia senensis, has been researched and studied in depth for years now, and scientists come up with more benefits of this plant on a very regular basis. Some have incredible taste, the organic loose tea varieties are my favorite. Some have great health benefits, others taste wonderful and have so many health benefits that it's almost unbelievable. These are true teas - and we cover many of them on this site. True teas and herbal tea blends are called infused teas and these are simply amazing and the combinations are endless.

Tea Gift - Gift Baskets for Tea Lovers

We have a great selection of Tea Gift Baskets for the gourmet tea lover on your gift list too.

Although there are many different types and flavors of tea, each one being a Gourmet Tea in their own way, each type brings out its own unique set of health benefits and tastes, they are all great for you! Gourmet tea varieties are almost any tea other than the westerns found in a commercial prepackaged bags.

How to Make Tea

How to Make the Perfect Cup is an art, and each type of this beverage can have different methods of brewing. The gourmet section also includes great accessories,tea strainers and tea infusers.

Herbal Remedies with Tea

In today's world, everybody is looking for the "perfect cure" for everything that is wrong with them. In my mind, traditional western medicine is making our bodies weaker. I personally love to drink tea, eat healthy, and exercise regularly in order to stay on top of my health, so welcome to the most popular area of the site.

I believe that if nature is giving us such great resources, we should take advantage of them!

Crazy for Tea is dedicated to the wonderfully tasting, health enhancing tea that is rightfully the most sought after drink in the world!. Within these pages are the history of tea, tea recipes, my recommendations to the best tea money can buy and the amazing health qualities they contain. Along with tea accessories to make your tea-drinking experience more enjoyable!

Simply start in this section by navigating on the left side of the page to the Herbal Tea section to get started.

The Forums!

Another 'busy, busy' place at Crazy for Tea! Discuss and share ideas and comments about different kinds. Different forums have been set up to allow you to post your ideas, recipes, questions and comments. So get in there and share some information!

There are many different types of tea, some of them are true organic varieties, like many of the herbal tea, and some are tonics. There are green teas, white teas, black teas and even red teas!

I will share with you what I've learned over the years about this wonderful drink and hope that you take my advice in making it a part of your life as well.

Since more studies are always coming out, this site will be updated regularly so be sure to bookmark it and check back often!

You can also use the RSS feed over to the upper-left, under the sidebar. By using this, you will receive updates each time I make an addition to the website. It's free to use and you'll have access to the best information on the internet! If you don't know what RSS is, please read the "What's an RSS feed" before you get started.

Sit back, grab a cup of our favorite bevie, and improve your health as you gain more knowledge of the best drink in the world!

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